I Might Have a Problem

Things have finally quieted down around here. No more holidays, no more obligations, just long, unobstructed weekends perfect for napping, home improvement, and baking.
Note to self: clean after baking, not before.
But I have a problem. In my mind, I somehow believe that I should always be ready to either host an impromptu cocktail party or brunch for the Queen. Therefore I am always cleaning, organizing, and home improving. Anyone who knows and loves me will confirm this. 
Is there anything better than cinnamon and sugar?
I've helped quiet that nagging voice which tells me to vacuum for the third time this week and reorganize my mixing bowls (sad, but true) by staying off of Pinterest, unsubscribing from home design magazines, and reprogramming my DVR so I miss new episodes of Fixer Upper. It's hard to have kitchen envy when you're not constantly inundated with images of people's renovations.


Go to bed, brain. You're drunk on HGTV.

Now that I've quieted all that noise, I've been able to fall in love with my kitchen. I introduced you to her in my last blog post, but since then I've carried on with purging, organizing, and designing a better work space. And with every chore, mini-project, and successful organization attempt, I grow more excited.

I moved the fridge door and it made all the difference!
I'd detail all my home improvement triumphs, but I'm sure it would bore you. So instead, here's an article about Julia Child and how she ran her home kitchen. 
Always follow directions. These rolls rose for too long. Whoops! 
And interspersed throughout this post are pictures of my attempt at making these amazing cinnamon rolls made by Sally over at Sally's Baking Addiction. The boyfriend and I agree that these rolls are delicious because they're not sickeningly sweet. I do wish the dough had a bit more flavor; perhaps a drop of vanilla extract in the batter would help? 
As predicted, still yummy.
During the cinnamon roll adventure, I decided I wasn't satisfied with my KitchenAid Stand Mixer performance. You might remember last year's baking debacle, which happened on Good Friday, while I was prepping for hosting Easter. I hopped on down to my local William Sonoma Outlet, picked up a replacement, upgraded model, and carried on. Crisis averted.

Much to my disappointment, however, I was never as pleased with it as I was with my older, less powerful Artisan model. The beater struggled to incorporate the dry ingredients into the wet, it made this weird clanking sound, and the Professional model's cobalt blue color was not as soft as the Artisan's blue willow.

It occurred to me that my new mixer was still under warranty. Hurrah! I called up KitchenAid customer service, explained my concerns, and they offered to send a replacement and pick up my old one. For free.

But here comes the fun part.

I'm doing this new thing where I ask for what I want. And don't make apologies for it. It's fantastic. I asked the customer service rep if I could change colors.

Guys. She let me change colors.

I am now the owner of an aqua sky, KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer. And because these things matter, I went to Kohls and purchased matching mixing bowls and new spatulas.


  1. Jill, Jill, Jill!!, Relax, Put your feet up and enjoy peace and quiet! Read a book, watch a program on Netflix, Make Dan Clean.. There are lots of solutions!!


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