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Bread, Birthdays, and Bird Hijinks

It is incredibly humid for mid-September, and somebody, in an attempt to be super efficient, already took out all the air conditioners. I sometimes think that back to school time for teachers is like nesting for pregnant women. We all run around in late August and early September trying to get our classrooms and houses tidied, and attempting to squeeze in all the fun we didn't get to during the summer. 

For me, this end of summer race to the finish included baking a few loaves of super yummy bread. I finally mastered making a supremely crusty sourdough. I've been following the steps and recipe described at The Perfect Loaf and have seen a lot of success. It's a great recipe for weekend bakers since you really only need a day of dough prep and the following morning to bake the bread. Two days to make a loaf of bread? Guys, this isn't any ordinary bread. This is the best bread you'll ever make.

I thought that once school started, I'd be saying heck no to house proj…

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