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Bourbon and Blankets

Around here, winter has become a four-letter word.

While it is officially spring, you'd hardly know it. Although as I type, I am soothed by the sounds of birds out my window and I can spy little green buds popping on my perennials out front. My yard is also home to a seventeen foot Mako, propped up on boat stands- is there a more sure sign of spring than tearing the shrinkwrap off your boat and begging your girlfriend to help wax the hull?

For the record, I said no. I've got things to bake.
A triple bourbon birthday cake, to be exact. Dan's birthday is tomorrow and the only thing he requested is a bourbon cake. I'm not sure he's ever eaten one or was even convinced they existed, but if anyone could make it happen it was me. His words, not mine. See, Dan has become kind of a bourbon lover these past few months. It started around Christmas and snowballed into a little hobby for him. Sometimes after work, he'll drive around to his favorite package stores, seeing what…

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