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Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming! I am both excited and exhausted just thinking about it. This is the one time of year when I break out of my introvert shell and actually don't mind socializing. I'm even more comfortable when I'm hosting. I love all the planning that goes into throwing a great party. Menu planning, shopping, decorating, list making- all my favorite things.

Next weekend I'm hosting a Christmas party. This is like my Super Bowl. I've been prepping for a while now and this week is the final push. I know it's going to be a busy week at work and the last thing I need is to be tired, eating junk, and stressed. So in an effort to practice some self-care, I planned and made healthy lunches for the week. I decided on turkey chili since big salads haven't been cutting it for me lately.

Chili is one of my favorite things ever. I love how it can take on so many different flavors depending on seasonings, protein choices, and beans and veggies. I like a traditional chi…

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