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Summertime Snacking

I don't know what it was about the end of this school year, but everyone in my school looked a little worse for wear. I think the rainy spring and slow build up to summer dampened everyone's spirits and had us feeling like the end would never come. But it did! We've had some beautiful weather this first week off. Maybe this gorgeous weather has been the world's way of rewarding us for hanging in there?
I have been so busy, I've only begun to realize it's vacation. Because I'm weird, I spent the last week of school doing things around the house and yard to help me get ready for vacation. This included single-handedly bringing home an enormous teak patio set from Ocean State Job Lot.
Have I told you about my mild obsession with Ocean State Job Lot? I have had the best luck finding all sorts of stuff there: Speedo bathingsuits, lifejackets, Polar seltzer, and now my amazing new patio set. Teak is stupidly expensive, did you know that? But not this teak table. I …

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