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Instantly in Love with the Instant Pot

I hate gimmicks. I also hate kitchen appliances that serve only one function. When you come visit my house, you'll see that my counters are bare save for my electric tea kettle (which gets used several times a day) and my stand mixer (because she's a queen). I don't even have a real toaster oven, just a little two slice toaster that goes into hiding after use. So I was real eye roll-y over the Instant Pot craze. It just seemed like another unnecessary gadget that marketers were pushing, albeit rather successfully.

I started researching.

I would never use this to make yogurt. I would never make a cake in it. But I would like to make better hard boiled eggs. It seems to be good at rice- oooh risotto.... And you can make meats and meat based dishes (think pot roast, beef stew, pulled pork) in a fraction of the time. I started thinking about all those nights when I'd wanted pulled pork or a hearty, meaty dinner but it was already four thirty, I had no groceries, and it wasn&…

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