The B word

Being on a budget is the worst.

I allowed myself to step into TJ Maxx this weekend and I am pretty sure the employees didn't recognize me. It's been that long. Homeownership is like that. Suddenly you're debating what you'd rather spend your money on: an extra couple degrees on the thermostat during a blizzard or cheese.

You think I'm kidding. I'm not kidding.

It's hard to live frugally when you like nice things, but I'm making it work. Even in the kitchen!
Today's featured food: frittata
This morning I stumbled downstairs and did the thing where I stare at the contents of my fridge, willing them to cook themselves into something delicious. That wasn't working, so I took everything out and laid it on the counter. It looked like this.

Orange bell pepper slices, leftover roasted rosemary potato wedges, tomato slices, and a bag of mystery cheese. Not pictured but also available to me: zucchini, eggs, milk, and a jalapeno. Can you tell where this might be headed?

That's right! A frittata!

Frittatas are a poor man's (or in this case, woman's) breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eggs are an affordable protein option and almost any veggie can work in a frittata. I mean look at this motley crew of veggies.

Now I don't have an actual recipe per se, but I do have rough guidelines. You'll need eggs, about four for a pie dish's worth. A variety of vegetables is critical too, but really you can't go wrong with whatever is in your fridge or freezer. Frozen veggies that you steam and drain can be added to your mixture. Or you can go all fresh. I recommend adding a little onion. I don't always feel like breaking into a whole one, which is where dried chopped onion is an mvp. 

Chop all your veggies, set your desired seasonings aside (I only use salt and pepper), and round up your eggs. Preheat your oven. Today I set mine to 375. I used a pie dish today, but any oven safe dish will work. Just make sure you give it a quick coating of Pam.

In a big bowl, whisk your eggs until they get a little bubbly. Add in your salt, pepper, and other favorite seasonings. Add in a splash of milk. If you're out of milk (I feel you), you can add water. Cream might work too. Let me know? Gently load in your veggies, potatoes, etc. Give them all a big stir so everything gets coated with eggs. If you're fortunate enough to have some cheese floating around in your fridge, now would be a good time to add it. Shredded works nicely in this recipe. If going the soft cheese route, hold off on combining for now. Add dollops of cream cheese, brie, or goat cheese right before baking.

Make sure there is enough egg mixture; you can't have too many veggies, but you can have too little egg.

Someone forgot about the zucchini, resting in the drainboard.

When she's all ready, pop her in the oven. I checked mine after about twenty minutes and rotated the dish in the oven. I checked on her again after another twenty-ish minutes and she was ready. You'll know the frittata is ready when you give it a wiggle and there isn't any wet egg mixture sloshing about. 

I let mine rest for about five minutes, ensuring that the egg set up nicely and the potatoes soaked up any extra liquid from the watery vegetables. 

If you're eating healthyish, a slice or two of this is straight protein, plus you'll get the added benefits of all those special things that live in veggies. Vitamins? Yes, those things.

But if you're more about that carb life you can serve a slice of this alongside any yummy bread. I had leftover pretzel rolls so I sandwiched a slice between one of those bad boys. Yum.

I had so many veggies and eggs on hand that I made two of these this morning. I'll portion out the leftovers and bring this yummy, healthy, CHEAP meal to work all week long. And maybe I'll dial the thermostat up a degree or two!
Not pictured: the amazing pretzel roll


  1. Wow Jill,
    You should be on the "Chef's Table"

  2. This poor man made for frittata yesterday for breakfast with leftovers. Great minds transcend time and distance. Well done. Great article.


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