Presenting my new (to me) kitchen!

Hi, friends! The blog is finally back!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to check in. It's not due to a lack of baking; oh no, my new kitchen has been baptized with stray flour, sanding sugar, and spilled salt several times over. But while I was up to my elbows in cookie dough and rising bread, I kept forgetting to take pictures.

Many of you know that prior to my move I was frustrated with my kitchen. While I had one heck of a pantry, I had no cabinet space for pots and pans, baking dishes, cookie sheets, or fancy appliances. Guys, I couldn't have a waffle iron because I had nowhere to put it. 

But now I'm nicely settled in my new home and I am so so happy. I'm sure a lot of folks would say my kitchen is small, but when you're coming from a galley kitchen, anything is an upgrade. And since I'm so experienced at making the most out of a small space, I had lots of tricks for maximizing space in the new place.

Let me walk you through my new kitchen!

Welcome to my new space!
The kitchen was the first room I saw when I toured the house back in June. I loved the white cabinets, the updated appliances, the tile backsplash, but most importantly the countertops. Butcher block just seems so different, doesn't it? Truthfully, they're an absolute bear; you can't put hot stuff on them, they don't like water, and they have to be oiled regularly, but I just love how bright they make the kitchen. Also, my new boyfriend thinks they're pretty. 

My blue mixer has a new home, too! Can we talk about that beautiful, beachy backsplash? It kind of reminds me of sea glass.

My little baking corner
I have so much more usable counter space that I can actually store some of my cookbooks in a corner. Those two binders? Those are all my handwritten or photocopied recipes. One is for cooking and one is for baking. I'm pretty sure down the line I will need another binder for my baking recipes.
These are just some of my favorites.
While I don't adore stainless steel appliances (they show fingerprints, they're stupidly trendy, they have a sterile, hospital-like feel to them), I do love that my appliances are new and that my stove has a flat top. In another safe saving attempt, I tossed my knife block and hung my knives on a magnetic bar.
Flat top stove! My favorite!
This little beauty is a Crate and Barrel island my father spent about seven hours assembling. The former owners had a big, hulking piece of furniture against that wall and no place to eat in the kitchen. I knew immediately that the space needed an island, not just for eating and entertaining, but another counter surface for work and meal prep. I am so happy with this piece. The back, overhang parts folds down and the unit came with optional wheels. So if I wanted to roll it around, I could. But I like that it's stationary. And it offers me a ton of storage inside!
My little island. The butcher block top is great for dough work.
If you're anything like me you're prone to kitchen envy. So I'll let you in on a little secret. The former owners did all the work themselves and they did not do any maintenance. So the tiles are falling off the walls, the electrical is all janky, and the cabinets are literally falling apart. But it's all mine and when you come to visit, I will give you a tall glass of wine and tell you to squint so you can't see all those imperfections.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I will continue to inundate you with baking tips and tricks. Happy baking!

Herbs growing on the kitchen windowsill. 


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