Kitchen Reno and a New Family Member

I am so eager for spring to arrive, I feel like a little kid on the night before Christmas. Except I'm past excited and instead I'm now downright grouchy. Every morning, I take Penny out for our pre-dawn walk and I recoil at the frosty air. I begrudgingly pull on my yoga pants and wool socks and go about my errands, angry that I can't be out hiking instead.

This week we had a glimmer of hope when the thermometer crept above fifty. Dan and I went for a quick hike at the nature preserve around the corner, and for a few hours I felt a little less crabby. 

I don't know if I've ever experienced such cabin fever. I think part of it has to do with being in a new home. I am so excited to dig in the dirt, plant stuff, watch it grow... I have these elaborate plans for kayak excursions in my salt pond, extended dog walks with Penny, and cookouts. Oh how I love a good cookout.

In the meantime, I've been trying to eat healthier in an effort to make my pants fit. Ugh. Why can't pizza be good for us? Since I've been on a perpetual diet since the age of eighteen, I know how to do this. For me that means taking a break from wine, added sugars, and simple carbohydrates or as I like to call them, my three favorite food groups.

Salad spinners- my favorite kitchen tool, perhaps!

I've dedicated a lot of time to meal prep lately. Frittatas, vegetable soups, chili- all yummy, but time-consuming. For lunches, I've been bringing salads to work. Fun fact: I hate making salads. But I love eating salads. In fact, I always think a salad tastes better when other people make it.

This morning, Dan snoozed away while I chopped veggies and arranged some salads for the work week. The ingredients for my salads rotate, but I'm big believer in complementing all the healthy stuff with some fats and satiating proteins. So yes, I chopped carrots, celery, cucumber, and tomatoes, but I also topped my salads with grilled tenderloin, bacon, and reduced fat blue cheese.

The finished product- these will definitely make my coworkers jealous

I shouldn't complain about how annoying meal prep is as my lovely Daniel recently installed a better kitchen sink for me. The former sink was impractical and any dishwashing attempt resulted in a small flood. The new sink, however, is nine inches deep, and so so wide. I can wash pasta pots, cutting boards, cookie sheets- you name it!

Also it's great for birdbaths.
Everyone meet Tuukka. He's a Jenday Conure who loves jalapeƱos, cuddling, and terrorizing the dog. I am new to birds as pets and wasn't sure I'd ever fully be on board with him, but guess who's a mama's boy? Tuukka! He spends early mornings curled up in my bathrobe sleeves, and evenings chilling in my sweatshirt pocket. Who knew birds were so snuggly?

Penny is coping with the new addition to the family. And when I say coping, I mean she would very much like to eat Tuukka, but shows restraint, and instead helps me clean up the spilled birdseed around his cage.

Penny fits perfectly in the new sink, too!
So that's what's new around here. Can't wait to hear about all the delightful things you're baking for Easter and spring festivities. 


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