Let them eat cake! (But not this cake.)

I'm sorry to report I haven't had too many baking adventures this summer. With school being out, I haven't had many opportunities to bake and like I've mentioned previously, I'm worried if I bake something really yummy I'll eat it. Like all of it.

I did throw together a pretty terrible Boston creme pie poke cake for the Fourth of July. It was a disaster. I didn't even take pictures or take home leftovers I was so disappointed. The cake was overbaked, the pudding didn't really fall down into the cake, and the frosting was definitely not homemade. My lovely family told me it was delicious and a nice change of pace, but deep down I knew it was a flop.
Penny Lane loves America!

And then for my friend Kirsten's bbq, I threw together oatmeal scotchies (have I shared that recipe with you yet?) and Ina's chocolate chunk blondies. I've raved about these bad boys before and with good reason. Everyone at the party was super into them and it was a nice little pat on the back. Again, no pictures. We ate them all.

My almost new home!
Since I last wrote (eep, all the way back in June) much has happened. I bought a house! Well, it's under contract and I close in August. But money has been exchanged and we had an inspection and my kitchen is nearly all packed up because I'm a crazy person and so so excited. Penny is going to be so happy living out in the country, with a yard to call her own, and squirrels to chase. I can't wait to have friends over, and sit on my porch in my pajamas, and look at my WATER VIEW. Yah, that's right. I have a water view. My mother says it's more of a swamp view, but what does she know? Moms. Psh.

I've also been dating. Which is both super fun and terrible simultaneously. No love connections, just yet, but I have met some super nice guys (men? am I at the age where I need to start calling them men?!?!) who have scoffed when I've reached for my wallet. The terrible part is when they don't text back, or they tell me whom they're voting for and I try not to choke on my wine, or when they reveal a little too early that really weird thing they're into. Walnuts in your brownies? No. Just.... no. 

So that's about it for updates. Seeing as how most of my kitchen is packed up already, I don't think I'll be doing much baking the next few weeks. I'll happily report back in August, once I'm unpacked and settled. I look forward to baking many delicious things in my new home.


  1. Can't wait for yummy baked goods in your new home! 🍰

  2. Congrats on your new home!! Miss you megatons...we so need to catch up...crazy until.after 1st week in August, but lets try to hang out before school! And if you need any painting done...just had a crapload of practice with my own rodeo ;) Love you!!!


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